simple DIY birdcage veil

hey ya’ll…. just thought i would share a lil’ bit of wedding related stuff with you, as i am slaving over it all day at work and then home to keep slaving to make things for my own.

I still haven’t decided yet if i will wear a veil on the wedding day or not, so i decided to make my own simple birdcage veil, via the dapper bun blog. time in total to make: 20 minutes! because i’m still not sure i will wear it, i didn’t want to put too much time/and or effort into decorating it fully yet. i was so happy with how easy it was! and, i also read a few times that most people take theirs to their stylist and have them pin it accordingly, so it doesn’t look as big and wild once you get it on. YAY! my stylist rules, so i am not worried in the slightest.

so, here are a few pics of the result, without any feathers or detailing where the comb is, just the satin wrap to disguise it.


and there you are. the complete DIY tutorial is over at the dapper bun, so check it out if you want to make yerself a veil.

also, note that my hair is pulled back, and won’t be styled like this for the wedding, so i think it will look a lot cooler with the right look.

happy whatever day of the week it is today! (i’m not stressed at all, i swear)

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