ooooh la la la la.

as i am going through images and inspiring wedding related things, i have decided i would blog about my top picks for cool wedding ideas i have for our sweet ‘ol lil’ day. right now, it’s my wedding hair.

anyone out there reading who knows me, (or has at any point in life)would know that my hair is, well…. my “thing”.

not going to lie, i know i have been gratefully blessed with good hair.people tell me all the time, so it’s gotta be true.

jus’ sayin’….right?

so, i am thinking i am wanting some hot ass locks like these smokin’ ladies a la finger wave. DJ~ hit it:


so, there you have it. that’s what i’m talkin’ bout for now. i’ll have to address it with ma mane girl, sarah white.

she can do anything, i swear it to you.

happy tuesday night, chickens!


2 responses

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH I love it! Holy crapoly you are going to be the most beautiful bride! Now I am begging to know where did you get your dress? And when do we get to see it?!!!

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