oh, this and that…

why hello, ya’ll special people. how’s the monday treating you so far? mine is going great, and packed with lots of “to-do” lists and errands, as my usual mondays off often are.

so, to keep you up to speed but not reveal all of my secrets, gabe and i have set a date for our wedding, which is in the near future and the farthest thing from traditional that you will ever imagine. and, we LOVE that!!!! being in the wedding industry myself and things for me being full-throttle mayhem right now with our own Brides has always made me feel like i never want to experience some of the negative elements of weddings, and more so wedding planning. on a daily basis we see way too many stressed out brides, a lot of arguing families, and couples with pressure coming from all sides to make their day perfect to someone else. for us, that is ridiculous, and while i don’t maintain that i will be a non-stressed out bride, i really want to focus on the important things and make sure that is what counts.

no big production, no church, (we are not religious) and simple and fun aspects that represent who gabe and i are as a couple.

that being said~ i know every girl wants to have this “manta” so to speak, but i’m really trying hard to make it  reality and just be excited and not stressed and upset. after all, i am marrying the most amazing guy out there and that is all i need to know and have in order to live.

SO -to be super-girly and dish about something: i bought my dress yesterday. one swift move and that big checkmark can go on paper! woot woot!

P.S thanks to my lovely dear friend Martha, for helping me make decisions:) i wish you were coming to be with us at the wedding girl !!!!!!

so, today as i mentioned is going to be productive .wedding related items and lists will be on my brain! i am  looking forward to sharing more details soon, but what i can tell you is that my dress is very Mad Men Joan Holloway. (or so that’s what the dress people told me i looked like in it!) and that Gabe has chosen his wedding sneakers and he is very excited about them. (they are pretty sneaker fabulous, i won’t lie).

so, with that i bid you a happy special sunny(hopefully for you it is) Monday and wish me luck with my goings-on. Gabe has officially nicknamed me “the Planner”.

adios amigos!


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