growing up.

hello, everyone.

i haven’t really felt much like blogging lately, so i know you have probably been dying without my witty repartee and amazingly great humor.

anywho, things have been goin’ on, goin’ down and keeping me busy and out of trouble. today i had a dentists appointment, the first one  i’ve had in the 2 years i have been in toronto. i love how i could make a point to buy new shoes, or get a cheap shirt at H&M, but at the end of the day would stress that i could absolutely no way afford to go to the dentist! anyways, ~ i still can’t but it’s of of those things that you just need to do.

moving totally away from the dentist topic, to something a tad heavy for the lil’ blog: life.


i often times have these,”oh my god, what am i doing with my life?” “i’m getting older” moments, but lately i’ve been thinking,” holy shizah~every person i know is pregnant, buying a house, already married,” etc….which leads me to thinking: holy shizah~ i’m growing up.

this past weekend one of our friends turned 30, and we went out on the town to celebrate.

the harsh realities of that for me isn’t that i am staring down the big 3-0 myself – (i still have a year left) – but more that it’s taking me 2 days to recover from my wicked hangover! the days of drinking all night and waking up feeling like it was NBD are ovah, friends.

truth be told, they have been for some time now! anyways, so the weekend prior to that was also an amazing one, (without alcohlol) as my bestie melissa has moved to ontario!!!!!! still 2.5 hours away from me, but at least she is close by. she is having a baby in the next month, and i couldn’t be more emotional/excited!

also,one of our closest friends ashley and her husband marvin just welcomed their new baby girl azariah into the world on august 11th! i could go for days about the baby makers that  surround me, but i won’t . there are too many :)

again, long-winded post, with the intent to discuss growing up and moving on to the new phases of our lives. i am not pregnant, just in case you’re thinking anythig nuts like that, although i know we would make some parents pretty damn excited if that was the case. not as of now, gabe and i want to live it up for a bit longer.

(plus, i’m workin’ on gettin’ me a puppy next year!) couldn’t you see us with a new edition like this to our house?!


gabe says only in my dreams. (he’s quite the dream-killer).

so, to conclude this rather rambling on of a post~ life is surreal. things are changing. i have to put my adult pants on from now on, i guess.

seems like all the cool kids are doing it, so that means i have to be involved in this adult thing, no? me being as cool as i am and all.

so, congrats to all of the newly 30’s, baby makers, new moms and dads and home buyers in my world. And,thanks for making me realize that bank accounts and dentist appointments are kind of a big deal!


happy monday friends :)





2 responses

  1. it’s not so bad becca. you’re in pretty good company when it comes down to it. adults are the new teens i swear.


  2. Adult pants?! PUH! Mine never came back from the cleaners! You are welcome to borrow from my shamelessly youngin’ closet anytime ;)

    P.S. You are still one of the coolest peeps I know, even if you are all grown up!

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