when it rains, it pours

today has been a rainy, rainy, thunder-and-lightening, sticky hot-and-sunny, then downpouring rain, thunder, more rainy sunday.



don’t get me wrong~ we needed it with all of the smokin’ hot hot hot ass heat we have been getting here in the t-town.

so,Brazil and i lazed around all morning until it cleared off, and then ventured out to the queen st west area to window shop and poke around.

(i didn’t buy anything- as shocking as that is to hear)… so, then we headed to the distillery district for some pastry and scenery in the sun.

then, we got caught in a massive downpour and jumped in the car like wet dogs, and came home sweet home.

in the rain.

that being said, i realized that there are a lot of really wicked cool songs about the magic that is rain. here are some sweet sweet rain songs for your ears:



well, i hope you all enjoyed my epic songs with rain lyrics and or titles

happy sunday~ go kiss someone in the rain. it’s fun, i guess.

(maybe try for it not to be a random stranger. that can often times be considered strange)


peace, i’m out.




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