c’mon, get me through the weekend


thanks, brucey. always loved ya. always will.


anyone who knows me, knows THIS: this next song is the epitome of my life. it is my song, always has been.


so, as you’re makin’ your way through the long weekend~ bring back brucey and i promise you’ll get by.

and, get some beer.

or gin.

or whatever it is you think will float your boat.

i think i’ll have all 3~brucey my boy, beers, gin. maybe not in that order.

Enjoy your weekend, fellas.

Peace out suckers!



3 responses

  1. seriously….ever since my 1st glimpse at the dancing in the dark vid i was moving and shaking way more than Courtney ever did right there. bahaha! love the tribute to one stellar dude, he is so true to his craft and a genius to boot.

    i laughed so hard at your comment about the gummy bear murders ; ) hilarious stuff! happy weekend wishes lades, hope it’s filled with the bluest skies.

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