out with the old…..

yello all.

just wanted to pop in and say that today i did something i wanted to do for a long time, and just never did~ i got my existing tattoo of a peacock feather re-worked. (sorry mom, sorry dad).

i’ve been working lots and i thought this time last year i got my skeleton key tattoo as my “1st anniversary in toronto” gift to me~ so this is my “2nd year anniversary gift to me.”

jen from speakeasy in toronto did my skeleton key last year, so i managed to find her again to fix me up. she did a badass amazing job, and~ while i love what i saw, i think it’s going to look sick as hell once i’m all healed up. the old one was just a nit too harsh, and often people didn’t know it was a feather, and thought it was some kind of leaf. (i know, weird no?) so, i decided i need colour and something a bit softer.

so, here is a before and after for ya’ll to ponder:


this is the oldie, circa 2008 (i think….?)


and in with the new:



she’s a bit red, but you get the point. i’ll be sure to post another once the healing is complete. and, if any of you are in the t.o, i recommend speakeasy all the way.


happy monday for everyone! i also hope if you are in ontario that you aren’t melting in the 35 degree heat we have been hit with the last few days.

i think this means we will need to cool off with ice cream from film buff later.



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