wedding crush alert!

okay, well because we are on the wedding topic (do i even live life without ever being on this topic, really?)…..

this weddig seriously makes me so happy i almost barf.

maybe not barf, but i fell in love with it so many times, i even lay in bed thinking of it, trying to get to sleep one night.

am i sick?

no. i just love this wedding. found via 100 layer cake, one of the  lurrrrve-ly sites i fall over.

this wedding pulls so much from ’50s retro it kills me. i see my own wedding having some sort of ’50s inspiration as well, and it’s people like  dominque and ron (shown here) that make me think we got nuthin’ on their cool asses.

the vintage paper doll placecard markers were one of the first things to make me swoon. i love love love this.

also, the fact that they served from a food trailer  and fish tacos made me show some serious respect.

i need to find a fish taco wedding vendor asap.

anyone know any in toronto?


like, how 50’s glam is this couple? i just love her wild red locks and porcelain skin, amazing dress and cute  glittery star tiara!

this lady even makes carnations look cool, for shiazah’s sake! her BM’s carried adorable fuschia and lilac old granny bouquets, and… i love them ever so muchly muchly.

i strongly suggest you head over to 100 layer cake and look at the remaining of the 3 posts and image galleries for this wedding. each photo is turbo-rad and badass ’50s inspired on oh-so-many levels. you’ll feel really bad about yourself if you don’t. (not kidding)

so, be prepared for gabe to grow a pompadour real soon.

(BAHAHAHAHA!!! for those who know him know he has no hair, and that he would shoot me for even suggesting such a thought)

ok, well maybe i’ll just go get some more tatts?

HA!  leave me alone you crazy people!



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