i’m in the right business

hi ladies and germs. i haven’t been feeling like blogging lately, so i do apologize~ i know you hang on every breath i write, no?

(i kid, i kid).

things have been pretty bananas lately, as wedding season is in full tilt a la shop~ and then there’s life, too.

in the midst of all the mayhem, i have been seeing some ridiculously amazing wedding posts from my slew of wedding-related blogs that i stalk regularly.

this one in partic has made me realize (even more) that as much as i want to choke people at times, i do love my career and it truly is amazing working with people for their wedding. i am also imagining that they are just as thankful for our (amazing) talent, too right?

ok, on with the story. so, i creeped this sesh on none other than green wedding shoes, and almost fell off my chair.

these are a mere few of the reasons i love this couple’s wedding:

1. they like moss, and so do i.

2.a lot of their day was handmade by themselves or family and friends.

3. tissue paper poufs (my specialty) in the woods…. shut the front door!

4.  did i say that their ceremony was IN THA WOODS!!????!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. the bride and groom had amazing taste and style and i want to be their friends.

how cool is it that the Bride carried an air plant as a bouquet, and made it herself… and also made the bridesmaids bouquets (also air plants that they can keep as houseplants after the wedding) and boutonniers? HOLLAH, girl~ you rock. and, how stunning is she? and handmade teal banners and streamers?? are they insane? my answer?

yes. and i love it.

check out the amazing images via liana wears and paige newton on GWS:






i seriously need to plan a wedding in the near future.

it makes seeing really creative posts like this (and ones i add to my blog) believable that marriage is cool,  and that i am gonna do it ( pretty soon, i reckon) and that i hope our day is as unique as so many brides and grooms that i draw  my inspiration from. i know i’ve said this before, but it also makes me genuinely excited for couples who come in to talk to us about their day~ when they choose things that totally represent what they’re all about and who they are to the world. i really admire the ones who stay true to who they are and create a wedding full of character and love~ and having a party with friends and family to celebrate their new chapter.

was i just deep on my blog?????



okay, that’s enough for now… clearly i am in need of some sleep if i am being mushy in public.

happy whatever-day-of-the-week-it-is to you all.

boa noite.

pee ess: if people keep calling me marilyn munroe  as often as they have in the last week, my life will continue to be amazheballs.



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