michael makes her move

‘ello, ‘ello kittens.

i had a lurve-ly day off today , that i have been anticipating for quite some time because i had a hair appointment with my fave lady, sarah white from lush & lavish. and, it gets even better~ i went back to my blonde locks!!!!!!! sounds insane that i was so excited about this glorious day, but as you could tell from my past pics/posts…. i was overdue for a change.

the sally jesse raphael days are over, friends!!!!!!! ( well, at least until i get bored agan and decide to go back to being a redhead.)

so, that being ridiculously exciting enough as it was~ sarah is the bombest seniorita on earth, (and if you need a stylist in toronto, please go and see her)~ i got a wicked amazing piece of mail from NS today!!!!!





















so, my girl charley young, an amazing friend (and pretty awesome person in general) makes art.

she makes really wicked cool, thoughtful, heartfelt art.

and i love her.

she and i shared a lot of amazing memories when i was still living in hali, and i miss those times dearly….. charley has came to toronto to visit us, and still keeps bringin’ the fun to my world on the regular.

charley and i, along with many other awesome friends, used to go dancing in halifax and get crazy buckwild, ~ we deemed these evenings retro nights, as the bar we went to was fully transformed into a haven for retro lovers like us gals.



we dressed in retro clothes, ate gourmet sandwiches and rocked the friggin kazbah on many a night. charley has always had an amazing love (be it a slight obsession) with michael jackson), and recently held the 2nd annual michael jackson tribute party that i was, unfortunately not a part of due to being in another province.

charleys’ love for the man is transferred at times to her art, and after a long winded story, brings me to the mail i got today!!!!!!






an original print from my homie, c-diggity!!!! (that’s what i call her).











i hope you love it like i love her, my new print and my new again blondie locks….. and if you love it a bunch and want one of your very own MMMM prints, holla at a girl and i’ll hook you up.



love you, ‘diggs!!!!!



One response

  1. AHAHAHA! Rebangs! Love you right on back girl!

    Man you are right! I am a bit of an MJ creppa. Your blog post has made me wonder if I should get back into that whole letterpress thing. I do have a serious crush on that MJ print and I thought you should have it too!
    Love ya and thanks for the shout out out out~

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