vintage score

hello special people.

yesterday i told you i was going vintage shopping with lynn, and was a wee bit worried that i would fall in love with way too many amazing things and spend all my money and then have buyers remorse……well, you will be happy to know that i didn’t, and i don’t and i got a sweet score out of the deal that didn’t hurt the pocketbook!

hurrah hurrah huzzah!!!!!!!

here is a shot of my new (to me) watermelon silk scarf ($2 buckaroos) and my adorable little sailor dress with a square neckline/bib top.($24.00 smackers)!


pretty cute, no? i will do an outfit post with this pretty little frock in the  near future, as i know it is killing you to see the end result.

lynn got some fisherman pants, an adorable french connection wrap skirt, a pink patterned silk cardi and a cut off sexy belly baring top.

to keep up some shopping momentum,  we had some delish treats at wanda’s, and later on in the afternoon we indulged in some serious big fat burritos.

and we had a wonderful day catching up on a sunny monday here in toronto.

a job well done, cullen.  Yippppeeee!

now, this cat is off to clean flowers and make pretty things.



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