hearting: ban.do

so, i have seen so many ban.do sightings all over the place for a while now, but may i just say how delightfully amazing ban.do stuff is?!!!

if for some insane reason you haven’t yet checked out the website, please stop reading this immediately and go.


(i’m assuming you did as i said and have perused the accessories and are now back to reading what i am writing now)

um, so what did you think? did you find something that your little heart is longing for? is it going thumpthumpthumpthump?

if not, well….. i guess i tried and i’m sorry you may be potentially dead, or missing a heart.

here are my top thump thumpers:




and this little pretty fest:



and i love love love love and will buy this bad boy:



just a lil’ tidbit for you for the morning.

i’m off to vintage shop with lynnie lynnie cullen, mon amie in kensington market…. one of toronto’s coolest places, in our opinion.

please pray that i don’t find too many amazing things to buy, ’cause i’m kinda trying to lay off my wallet lately.

happy DEY!


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