domestic monday.

hellooooo hello. i feel like it was a zillion trillion years ago that i posted anything. i bet you were all in dj withdrawl. i know my mom and dad check regularly, and i probably bored them this week. sorry ‘rents !

today was a busy slash productive day off, i must admit. i got to get some house work and chores done, and hang with one of my fave girls in the universe, my nadia!!!!

last week was pretty crazy hectic fir gabe and i, so today was catch-up-on-all-things-that-were-once-ignored-day. i started off doing a shit ton of laundry and eating a piece of cold pizza for breakfast, and then did 3 loads of our laundry and a load of dishes while making some quinoa salad for gabe and i to have for lunches this week. then i scrubbed my shoes and made them shiny clean (or as close as you can being a florist) and talked to my bestie, who is pregnant and just bought a house. yay bestie mel!

then i picked up nadia, and she volunteered to do my errands with me and keep me company.

she also played a major role in my baking for the day: recipe reader and controller of the oven/ finished product.

crucial role, normally it is all done by yours truly~ and who knows what happens when i do it alone.

so, here is what we came up with!!!

raspberry lemon scones and blackberry almond gluten free muffins. ( i would link recipes for both, but we pretty much collected from several places and then remixed them) we both had never made a scone in our lives, and now we are pretty much profesh.

the first batch looked a bit like hamburgers, but the last ones were just darling. (they taste aiiight too)



so, now that the baking is done, i can take off my frilly pirate apron and get to sewing and finishing some broochies that have been yelling at me to finish for weeks now.

i wish you could try our baked treats!

thanks again to nadia for helping me! love you!

hope you all have a not-so-hectic week~mine will be bananas as we have a million weddings to do, so i will be up to my ears in fleurs as per usual!

i love my job :)

go make some baked goods dressed like a pirate. it will rule, i promise.


3 responses

  1. BAH! I JUST checked to catch up on what I missed whilst in O-HI-OH and then BOOF! You posted. Psychic or WHAT!?!?!

    Save me a scone- baybee.


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