welcome to canada!

hey chickens. hope everyone had an amazing weekend! we had a bit of an odd weather weekend, but i guess that is what canada is all about, no?

(i guess that should’ve been an “eh?” to make it more cheesy)

anyways, after the crazy week, or 2 weeks of thunder and lightening storms, we got to enjoy a sweet ass glorious day yesterday.

gabe and i headed to kitchener, ON saturday night to spend the night with some of gabriel’s oldest friends who have just moved here from his city, Sao Paulo!

YAY! i got a chance to meet both flavia and alex before on many occasions while they have been back and forth to canada in the process of their moving here, but i was really, really, most ever so really excited to meet their 2 kids olivia and miguel.

who, by the way, were more adorable than i could have imagined. neither of the 2 kids speak any english, so it was really sad for me to want to play with them but also knowing they had a really huge week this week, and they were still pretty confused as to why i was talking funny!

this is my excuse to polish up my portuguese :)

anyways, the new-to-canada brazilians have an amazing home, yard, and kids and a whole new life here in canada.

i couldn’t be more happy for them to be here!!!!

here are a few instagram pics from our weekend.




we had a really great time, and i am so glad we got to spend the weekend with them !

enjoy your monday, and cross your fingers for me that my banana cashew coffee muffins don’t end up tasting like a bag of dog doo.


2 responses

  1. love it….EH! baha, so true, i say it all the time and my foreign friends are somewhat perplexed ; )

    congrats to your friends who’ve just arrived, at least they came when summers on (even if yours is acting up a bit) it’s waaaay better than a wintery welcome. hope they settle in just fine and you all have a blast catching up. fab photos, love that app totala.

    Rebecca, i also wanted to thank you mass amounts for the really moving comment you left for me on my mantra post. it was lovely to read and so appreciated. happy weekend!

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