in the mood for: lemonade

today was a nice, summery hot day in t-dot. we all decided after the fleurs were cleaned and wedding flowers and events put aside, that we needed a COOL DOWN summery treat.

lucky for us, we have a fish shop a block from pink twig that makes fresh freaking limeade and lemonade.

holla at ya boy.


i was on it.

delicious and amazing even withonly half the sugar!

i wish i had some nice tasty gin to add a splash into my limeade, but…. i waited till i got home for that.

now, i have lemonade on the brain.


maybe i will make us some fresh lemonade for the shop this week. and maybe some delish lemon tarts or squares.

we have a pretty insane next couple of weeks to get through, and we are up to our ears in flowers and brides!

i’ll ponder that for now. i hope you all had an amazingly sunny day like we were able to enjoy!

go get your lemonade on.

gabe would want to have these as his refreshing treat. (he’s batty)

yay for lemonade, limeade and sunshine!!!!!!!!












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