grandma WHAT?

sitting in front of my computer, i just laughed out loud incessantly when i saw these images.

crazy old ladies, hard as hell and bad to the bone. the’re pretty darn old~no big deal.

then i thought to myself,

“rebecca joy? you better age with grace, act tough as nails and still be as bad ass at 80 as you are at 28.”

(this supports the concept that i am a glorified “bad ass” as of  the present….)

but for now? these ladies are representing for the old schoolers.

here’s to the future, kids. these ladies rock my socks off!


Crazy old ladies!!         









this one kicks so much ass it kills me:

so, that was my silly insight for the night. i want to be a wicked old lady when i’m as ripe as these sweet betties.

the end.














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