fist pump friday.

okay folks. this one is a “play on repeat” for me, and ever since the  very first time i heard it, i will never not love it.


i just can’t not listen to it. i can’t not  crank this shit up. the best is when i am driving, or walking to work, rocking out on my ipod, trying not to dance down college street. full tilt, volume up, rock out. gold.

my girl lynn cullen is in agreeance~this song is a fist pumper.

fist pump! (something tells me the jersey shore kids would not categorize this as one of their fist pump songs) but, it works just fine for us.

wedding delivery day 2 tomorrow.

this is the song that’s gonna get me through it. and, the promise of my sweet sweet gin and tonics waiting for me when it’s all over.

happy friday!

fist pumpin’ friday with temper trap, sweet friggin’ disposition.

get on that.



4 responses

  1. a completely epic fist pumpin’ tune! i love it too.

    this is the first time i’ve seen the video + i thought it was mesmerizing.

    thanks for this!


  2. agreed lades! that song is a keeper and coupled with g & t…well perfection is what! so awesome. i love it, you’re hilarious and lively as hell. my kinda gal!

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