paper pretties.

remember being a little kid and playing with paper dolls? i do, and i just loved them.  i didn’t have very many, (of course i loved my barbie and remained loyal) but they were so beautiful. you could change all of their outfits, pick the best one for the occasion that day……and no laundry.

oops, my adult mind just crept in for a minute there.

anyways, as i was reminiscing about those pretty little betties i stumbled upon some badass betties from present day. talk about love!

check out these amazing dolls from jubly-umph, and may i just add that this amazing line of tattoo, pin up and  rockabilly-inspired artwork made me want to buy it all! all of it! look at every single piece, tasha the creator has to offer.     (do it)

i also found these amazing other sassy ladies, magnetic tattooed womans in watercolor over at etsy~  made by elizabeth ocean. LOVES IT!

ooh, and i also spotted this alice in wonderland brooch set from jubly-umph that floats my boat just right:

that’s it for now, little pretties. go buy some tatted up paper dolls and have a stellar night, hmmmkay?! tomorrow is friday!

(p.s this never means jack doo doo to me, as i am in full tilt wedding season, but if you are not, then enjoy!)


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