echeveria = plant fetish.


i have been in love with hens and chicks (or succulents) for as long as i can remember. my mom had them in her garden and around our yard, and i always loved how amazingly incredible they were and  have been obsessed ever since.

i love them so much that i want to live in a world where i can have them growing on my walls instead of hanging art or wallpaper. i would even like to sleep on them as my bed. if you find this world please call me, okay?

(my new favorite thing is Instagram, i know i’m slow with the latest cool things.. this is a work “baby”)

there are so many varieties, textures, shades and shapes. really ~ what’s not to love? luckily for me i get to look at them all day at work and come home to “my babies” (as i call them) at night. le sigh~ my life rules.

now all i need is a echeveria wall, like Exhibit A shown below:


or, perhaps i could whip up a little door wreath?


i even wanted a succulent tattoo a few years ago, and i  found a lot of images, but  just never managed to choose one that would show well on my body when i’m 90. but, there’s still time to pick one and do the deed, right?

or, how`s about we get a  new pet turtle? maybe gabe will go for this since he won’t allow a puppy. (he’s a dreamkiller, i know)


well, this made me happy for tonight. i hope you are all creeping martha stewart now to make your own hen and chick wreath. that smart old dog.

happy succulent nuit!

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