blonde vs. red

okay, ya’ll.

time to put it to me straight up. don’t be afraid that i may cry~ i don’t cry ever, i swear.

(keep in mind those aren’t the best pics, but let’s pretend ok?)

the choice is your’s to help. it’s summer and i’m feelin the itch to go back to my old ways,…. but, this redhead thing has also been kinda fun,no?

vote on the poll to your right… and i will leave my hair fate in your hands. ( keep in mind, my hair is my “thing”, so be kind)

sayonara !


2 responses

  1. Rebecca, honestly you look so fab with either color. i’m leaning towards the blonde, it really looks so pretty on you. most flattering with your skin tone too and those pretty peepers!!! good lucks with whichever way you go.

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