tea party.

if i didn’t come across this wedding post from green wedding shoes (clearly i am a crazy maniac for constantly looking at this site) in my lifetime i would die the saddest girl alive. you may think,”gosh that’s pretty dramatic, becky”~ but it isn’t.

i would have died to go to this wedding in Toowoomba, Australia. hell, i would have died to be in the darn thing(the bride, no?)…..

so, if my  someday wedding happens to have a tea party theme, i’ll have these cool kids Tina and Tim (even their names are cute) to thank.

check out this ridiculously amazing stuff:

i am such a crusher on people’s beautiful ideas for their weddings! honestly, i know i am bananas, but at least i try to gather as much information and ideas as i can to suggest to future clients….that is really why i am all over wedding blogs.

okay, i lied.

i love them.

but  in my profession i need to be current  and down with all the cool things the kids are up to these days, right?

now, i am going to have some tea.

in my party dress.

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