fave fleurs from a florist

today i looked around and realized that spring is here, and although we all are complaining in canada about the yucky and soaking wet weather we are getting, i really really appreciate how lush it makes everything look once the days of pouring are over. positive, no? all of the flowering branches are blooming, and the spring bulbs are just delish right now. so, that being said~ rain? you are great but go away and give us a break. (please)

after this rain-love realization, i realized how little i write about one of my biggest passions in life~my career! so, this is my post to show ya’ll my fave flower picks on earth. okay, maybe not of all time~ that’s just too hard. but for now. (i find they change like favorite songs or new color pallettes and nail colors)

1. blushing bride leucadendron

2. peonies


3.     dahlias

4. gloriosa lily

5. aslepia, moby dick

6. babys’ breath (not a joke, folks!)

7. red piano garden roses

8. craspedia


10. hyacinth

and, there you have it. these are not in any special order, and are only a top 10 out of one zillion. maybe even a trillion~ whatever is bigger.

what is your favorite fleur?

and, p.s~ don’t be mad at the rain, okay?( mother nature is allowed to be a jerk at times too)

happy happy monday!!!!!!!

7 responses

  1. My favs are tulips, dahlias, yoko ono’s, peonies, zinias…I think that covers it….maybe. I HATE LINONLEUM! haha. (you know what I mean) We got some last week that had its natural stench PLUS febreeze on top of that. Sick!

    PS-I think M.N is having a serious case of PMS! Can’t blame her! It’s true! I’d cry too!

  2. Ahh, you have FANTASTIC taste in flowers. Which shouldn’t be surprising, haha. I love love love all of these, especially peonies. But when straight up asked: what’s your favourite flower? I usually say white calla lilies!

  3. Hey Girlie! I am absolutely mad about Blush Astilbe!!!!!! Hoping to have it at the wedding in July!
    However those leucadendrons are gorgeous too! Hmmmmmmmmmm

  4. I never knew about the blushing brides or the pianos! Always new glorious flowers to discover. My faves have always been cheerful field flowers and grasses. SOLIDAGO!
    I also wholeheartedly support your philosophy on rain. Thanks for the fleurs!

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