when i grow up

we all had our “things” we wanted to be when we grew up… or, people we just wanted to be.

i have no clue why this just came to me all of a sudden tonight, i think it is because i am a wee bit tired~but, i do remember the good ol’ days of wanting to just be all of these cool people and/or things

what did YOU want to be when you grew up? i’ll go first.

1. i love ANYTHING to do with alice in wonderland~ i wanted to be her and to live in her world,  and hang with the singing flowers (if they were nicer)

2.i also wanted (still do) to be madonna~ but her cherish video made me want to be a flippin’ mermaid so bad!

3.a marine biologist.. i think this may have been inspired by “free willy”


4. a baker.

5. orphan annie, even though she was an orpan… i think i’ve seen the movie a million times!

6. a painter

7. in the CIRCUS!!!!!!!! ( this one made everyone’s list~i know it)

8.a synchronized swimmer


9. a hardcore rockstar ( there’ still time, no?)

10. what my heart truly wanted i ended up getting :)

yay for memories and what i used to want to be… i am thankful for what i’ve created for myself and couldn’t be more happy with the end result!!!

(i thought of so many more as i was coming up with my top 10!)

happy night!


9 responses

  1. Rebecca, i loved your stories about those darling gf’s of yours, they are both such sweethearts! and then the SJR glasses were EPIC and AWESOME!

    you are on a roll with these incredible topics and your writing is wonderful. omg, when “cherish” came out i wanted to be a mermaid too, dreamed of it endlessly : )

    i think my no. 1 wanna be was Jamie Sommers from the original Bionic Woman. buuuuut, without those inner ear issues – baha! happy weekend wishes to you.

    • i was beginning to think i was some sort of freak of nature with the “cherish” thing… you made me feel like there are others like me out there in the atmosphere!!!!! bahahahaaa!!!

  2. These are so cute! What fun ideas, haha. I don’t remember what I wanted to be when I was little…I know at one point I wanted to be a “cake decorator” and make fancy cakes, or wedding cakes, with fancy frosting, but I was like, 10 or 11…. Now I want to be a designer!

      • Heyya Ms. Jane! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! You should neverrr procrastinate when it comes to cute flats! Haha! You know, you’ll probably think I’m a freak of nature..but oh well… I’ve never seen Alice in Wonderland…Used to scare me when I was little..and now..the fear lingers a bit still.. Weird, right? I think the cat scarred me…Really like your post btw! Great idea! It’s NEVER too late to be a rockstar!
        Have a great day!
        PS. Sorry that was thee loooongest comment ever!

  3. I so wanted to be Annie as well! But I really wanted to be part time dolphin trainer, part time artist, ha ha. At least I’m still working with artistic stuff, the dolphin trainer career will have to wait :)

  4. such a great post! too wanted to be a marine biologist and too this day i would LOVE to be a rockstar! oh how awesome that would be!


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