sally jessy who???

hello everyone! i am currently struggling with a nasty and annoying cold, so bear with my brain, wouldja?

so, a few weeks back i bought a new pair of glasses online (same site gabe and i always do), knowing full-well that they may end up looking insanely weird, but i thought,”what the hell” and went for it.  when they arrived i ripped open the box, tried them on…. and, well… wasn’t exactly sure what to think. i showed them to Brazil, and he didn’t express much feedback other than,” new glasses, babe?”

so, they sat on my table until i decided to show them to the world~ (or, at least my little corner of it): work.

end result? mixed reviews. it wasn’t until much debate that my group decided with my red hair and ridiculously over sized red frames, i would be dubbed a sally jessy raphael look-a-like. thoughts?


then, our driver came in, looked at me, and said nothing.

needless to say, i haven’t worn them again as of yet. ( i think they may need a bit of practice)… and maybe some shoulder pads and pumps to complete the look, circa 1989?!!!!

just a little taste of my world for today.. he he.

happy night!!!!

sally jessy raphael

3 responses

  1. Haha I think they rule!
    But if you really want to be Sally, I hear stretching your skin and painting it with egg whites creates convincing wrinkles!
    You rock those mothers.

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