mama tribute: christine

Mother’s Day being tomorrow makes me miss one of my favorite new mamas back home in hali, my girlfriend christine.

( clearly i miss rosie, my own mom an awful lot, too!)

old school, pre-mateo days

when i decided to move to toronto, i  was really worried about how to tell christine that i was leaving. we had developed such a close bond over the years, and shared a lot of really great times, as all friends do. (and we still do!) when i decided to leave, she and her fabulous hubby were expecting their 1st baby, and i knew i wouldn’t be in NS for his arrival… and i truly struggled with this after getting here. (*sigh*) i really wanted to be there for them, and to see my new nephew come into the world and be there to congratulate his amazing parents.

mad love to my baby and mama

but, as things happen without me~ he arrived safe, sound and as beautiful as ever all of 1.5 years ago….and, as i have only got to see him in person 2x, christine and fabien still manage to keep me in the loop with every step he takes via video and so many amazing photos. this is how i watch my little amazing nephew grow! i miss him, and his mama daily! that is why i think others need to see the amazing boy i get to see, and you will know why i brag about him the way i do :)

in the sweater we gave him for xmas!!

happiest bebe ever!

we heart exit signs

so, happy 2nd mother’s day, christine! kiss that baby for me, would you?!!! enjoy your day~ miss you, love you! ( we would normally quote SATC here, but i will spare you our cheesiness)

happy mother’s day to all the mamas out there, including my own~ rosalie may,… and my brazilian mama, maria riza! love you!

me and rose

now for me, i need sleep. people buy these moms a lot of flowers for this day.

2 responses

  1. what a beaut of a tribute! i can totally empathize with that bittersweet move to a new land plus being separated from your bestie. i had a very similar happening when my bf & i lived in Toronto (kinda the opposite – weird hey?). she met a fella and moved to Australia and i moved back to Vancouver. after a while she became pregnant and had a baby boy too!!!!! i missed it all but Skype is our friend and we talk a bunch to make up for everything missed in the reals.

    i hope and wish for you the same thing, this sounds like a special friendship, keep it up girls.

    Rebecca, your momma is so lovely – hope you all had a wonderful M-day!

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