O.M.G ( i know i say that a lot) but…

this is sheer and utter genius. photo shoots never cease to amaze me. that’s why when i see an amazing one like this, my heart can’t even handle the awesomeness that it possesses. seriously.

(post courtesy of style me pretty texas. )

holy happy cinco de mayo shoot!!!!!


photography by greg blomberg photography and floral by bows and arrows , and both did a crazy amazing deliciously intense, vibrant, STELLAH job of this shoot. for serious. ‘reals.

it made me do more than just want a freakin’ margarita!!!! what about you?

i just can’t get enough of all of these insanely bright colors,… and it all really compliments the inspiration for the shoot so well. major kudos!

wow. i wish Brazil and i were a crazy colorful couple, so much to be able to pull this off…( some people say we are, but i don’t think we could get away with this insanity!!!)

( in my dreams).

anyway, this shoot is such a LUSCIOUS TREAT, no????!!!

i’m off to use the blender now, i feel a sudden urge for that margarita…..

have a good night you silly creatures.

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