get crackin’

just a silly post about my favorite breakfast ever, avocado toast with a boiled egg and crap tons of pepper.

YUM! what’s your favorite breakfast? what couldn’t you live without in your fridge or cupboards?

in my opinion this is THE best thing that happened to breakfast, seriously…

i sometimes add tomato if i have an extra minute,and – if you can believe it, – it’s even better.

maybe my next post will be honoring food staples, and my list of top 10 i can not ever live without.

*hint:  avocado would be on that list, matter of fact~ it should be on everyone’s list.

gotta go dance my way to work! mother’s day is a-comin’!

p.s tomorrow night is the peter bjorn and john show and i am tickled about it!!!! EEEK!!!

3 responses

  1. oh my gawd! That sounds SO YUMMY! I eat an avocado almost every day. I love them so. ALSO I am so pumped for this BP&J concert! I was listening to them all the way to and from work today. SO GOOD! I am jealous!

  2. Melts are among my favorite things to make for breakfast, on toast or on a yummy English muffin…often including avocado too, and almost always fried tomatoes! But what I love for an extra kick and a little spice, and something nice, on my eggs or melts is a sprinkle of paprika/chili/cayenne. I live by this little addition to my classic breaks!

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