just broochin’ on a monday

well, today had a pretty huge “to-do” list, but i managed to ignore it and make a few brooches for some special people. i haven’t whipped up any in a long time, unless we needed ribbon roses for work. but, breaking out my spring jackets (finallllllly!) has made me realize i need to up my ante a little bit.

and, share the love. the fushia rosette is made from just a simple satin ribbon, and button from the button jar with felt backing and clasp. i think i may need to add some other bit of something to make it not so plainy-janey. the other is made of some scrap fabric that had NYC landscapes on it that my mom sent me to use up, and a gold embossed button from an old sweater, also with felt backing and clasp. i decided to vary from my usual and make this one a bit different, and i think i’m diggin it. (next one will be for me!)

so, now i will put the finishing touches on them and get them ready for mailing.

the rest of the afternoon, or what’s left will involve  dishes, banking, cooking dinner and making the bed……

i’m never usually a procrastinator with many things, but days off tend to make me want to do whatever the heck i want whenever i want! those dishes won’t take away all my fun, damnit!!!!

happy monday, i hope you don’t have an ugly to-do list and are at work instead. this week will be MAYHEM as it’s Mothers’ Day, and we all know how fun that is for florists like me.but, please order lots of mama flowers so they can feel special on their 1 day they have!

or, make them a brooch!


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