address change

well, hello again. i just wanted to let any readers know i will be changing my blog URL to, and making it my very own!

YIPPPPEEEE!!!!!!! thanks to you who read, it was the page views that made me decide to go ahead with registering the domain. (it is my favorite thing to look at the stats~ i know that is so lame, but true.)

so, if you happen to be a person who has some link lovin’ headed my way, feel free to change up the info, as i have been told once this one is old, it sometimes gets grabbed up by some very inappropriate hosts(porn sites?),… and that would make a lot of people very confused!

anywho, let’s all hit up and keep on hangin’ out together, shall we?


5 responses

  1. HUZZAH lady! having your own domain rocks big time, major congrats on the change over. i’m already a subscriber so got my hook-ups in order : )

    cheers to you and this new IP addy, so good!

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