wedding stalker???

on a p.s note, i realized this tid bit deserved its’ own separate post.

we had a wedding stalker at our resort, who was stalking my friend ashley who was getting married, and all of the wedding guests.

this lady first made her appearance at our rehearsal dry run of the ceremony, which was on the beach past the resort. it was the wedding party in attendance, and both sets of parents of the bride and groom. so, here we are going about our business practicing for the big day, and this random older lady decides to join us and sit off to the side and creep everyone out. she may have that night even taken a few photos of us all, but did not approach the party in any way shape or form.

the day of the wedding brought most of us in the party,parents and some guests to the reception area gazebo, just behind the beach where the ceremony was taking place. sure enough, our strange little friend comes peeping in the gazebo watching everyone frantically setting up for the evenings’ events.

(we were half thinking of mentioning to her that if she needed to be put to work we could arrange it for her….!!!!)

so, that night as i am on my way to the washroom with my friend martha, out comes our wedding stalker in her NIGHTY!!!!! ( not a joke).

she approaches us and admits she’s been watching us, (as if we didn’t notice her hovering the past 3 days prior), and tells me i look like her cousin.then, she saunters over, camera in hand and proceeds to crawl through the bushes to the windows of the gazebo to capture a photo of my friend ash and her new husband.

she does this, and also grabs my friend though the window and smiles at her, while in her nightgown hiding in the bushes, and also makes a grab for Craig, the MC……. the whole time we are debating on asking this lady politely to leave and not take any more photos, as she doesn’t know any of us, and quite frankly because it’s weird as hell.

we decided she was harmless, but maintained the opinion that she was just an excited retiree on vacation, and that was all we saw from her.

moral of the story is: if you see any photos on my blog, and are able to spot her out, she was our Where’s Waldo for the trip.

hope you enjoyed this part !!!!!!


One response

  1. I really wish you had a pic of her….I WILL be checking out the background of all your pics from the trip to spot this crazy woman!

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