from sunny skies to not-so-sunny skies..

well, a week’s vacation is all over and i’m back to reality, in toronto!

i hope you all had a wicked great Easter weekend, i’m sure the weather where you are wasn’t as insanely tropical and 30 degrees plus like mine was!!!!!

(suckers! i kid, i kid)

anyways, i had a lovely time but was also eager to get home to life in canada.

here is a list of things i learned about vacations and things in general:

1. bring a watch next time.

2. there is never~ repeat~ NEVER too much SPF 60 or higher.

3. i am that person who gets bored after having 3 days off.

4.i do need a bathing suit, thanks ann for convincing me!

5. i miss and love my other half very very much( absence makes the heart grow fonder??)

6. i always cry at weddings, no matter how hard i try not to.

7.there aren’t sharks everywhere…….(i’m only slightly convinced of this one)

8.getting up at 6:30 am is amazing when you get to see turquoise water and white sand.

9. you can live without computers and tv if you wanted to for short time frames.

10. i am very lucky to have great friends.

we did a lot of fun things like go on a catamaran boat cruise all over the islands and around antigua, and it was so amazing to see. we got to see a few celeb vacation homes too! ( note: i did take a pic of oprah’s little shack on the other side of the island…)

we went snorkeling off  the boat on Green Island and saw some really cool tropical fish and coral, and i will confirm that i did almost die of panick attacks while doing so, in fear that sharks would eat me all the while trying not to breathe in the salt water.

we ventured into the town and went shopping and through the market and all through the streets sight seeing and observing like little tourists do.

BUT~the best part of my trip was to see my girlfriend ashley and her husband marvin marry, and to be a part of their amazing day.

we could not have asked for better weather, and we had some amazing photo ops in the sunset that their photographer was so excited to shoot. the waves were rolling in and we did a lot of shots on this cluster of rocks on the beach at sunset, and it was absolutely stunning.
(i’ll wait to post the pics the pros took, as we were too busy posing to take our own)

the people in antigua were so incredibly friendly and outgoing, as well as more laid back than any Maritimer i have ever met to date! it was clear why so many people were vacationing there at the same time as our party.

bear with my shortness, i am still pretty tired from the late arrival of my flight at 3 am last night! adjusting to the temperature drop and scenery has made me a bit scattered!

now is my time to rest up, as you all know tomorrow is THE ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

needless to say i am pretty pumped for that!

well, i missed my blog and blog friends, and sharing my silly thoughts with you all for the last week, so i’m sure once the sand is out of my brain i will have oh so much more to share with you!

happy rest of thursday !!!!!



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