weddings on goat farms.

pie contest wedding

just enough time and inspiration for a quickie post of this adorable wedding from green wedding shoes.

i’m sorry if you:

a) hate weddings or

b) are sick of this site or my GWS posts

BUT i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it ever so much, and find it totally inspiring.

so, this is my blog and you’ll do what i say. love green wedding shoes. it’s that easy.

so, this couple had some amazing ideas for their wedding, feel free to creep the full post, at my fave site.

for now, all i will say is i LOVE this. do you think gabe will mind if i start researching local goat farms in toronto?

just sayin’.

take a peek and fall over with excitement:

this one is my fave. ENJOY KIDDIES!!!!!!

5 responses

  1. personally love the chalkboard with fun timeline…. and just quietly, think I might steal the idea for my own wedding…..hehehe

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