off to sunny tropics…

well, kids. i am off wednesday mornin’ to lovely antigua island.. and i am PUMPED!!!!

i have never officially taken a warm vacation, and truthfully have never (except once) left canadian soil…, needless to say this is a big deal for me.

i am so excited to see my friends, who are both expecting, and to be in my girlfriend ashley’s wedding to her sweetheart, marvin.

and i would be lying if i didn’t say i am excited to have unlimited drink intake.

and warmth, even though i burn within 5 minutes of being in sun.

happy week to everyone!!!! i’ll be thinking of you all while i am baking (or burning) in the hot hot sun.



3 responses

  1. woohoo! happy times, enjoy this vacay with every ounce of your being. keep those unlimited drinks rollin’ – baha! cheers.

    pea ess: totes fell over with excitement on your previous post about those gorgeous weddings! what amazing insp, loved it all and go for the goat farm. it’s unique and fun times a million!

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