just reminiscing…Wearable Art Show

this is going to be a post  honoring  memories looong long ago.

but i felt compelled to bust them out again, as i am missin’ my besties back in halifax. and especially around this time of year i always  find myself missing taking part in NSCAD’s Wearable Art Show.

NSCAD  University is the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. I was not a student there, however i always felt very much a part of the community. most of my closest friends from home were students at the university, and i worked with a lot of them across the street at my old Flower Shop.

After 20 years the show is still going strong, and if you are in halifax next Thursday, April 21st~PLEASE go for me.

and love and appreciate all the hard work, blood sweat and tears that goes into this show. Proceeds from the show are donated to the AIDS Coalition.

i have participated as a designer in the show 2x, and i loved every minute of the show, including creating as well as seeing all of the work of the art students come together on their models on the night of the show. *sigh*

I miss you guys!!!!!!! here are some highlights from my last show, in 2009.

we  are a tight knit group, and the wearable art show was a great place for art kids and friends to showcase some awesome stuff. i have so many memories of these shows! i tried to look for pictures from past years and came up dry, so this is what you get.

thanks again, even years later to my lovely girlfriends who made amazing models out of  my crazy floral art. charley, alyssa, bree bree and holly~ you guys held it down for me!

i do have some video from that night, but i won’t share it because it will make you too dizzy.

missing you Wearable Art Show!!! all the best to 2011’s designers and models!!!!!



5 responses

  1. oh my goodness, i came to your blog after you posted on my giveaway and my goodness, i am in love! it is my dream to be a florist and you are living it! amazing!

    nice to meet you xoxo i will add you to my blog roll!!!

    love deer donna xoxo

  2. Holy cow, those costumes are so beautiful! Looks like it was an amazing show.

    I love Halifax, one of my favourite cities of all time! And everyone I’ve ever met that has gone to NSCAD has insane amounts of artistic talent. ♥

  3. Hey, I definitely remember this you guys did an amazing job! The wearable art show was becoming more fashion centric, thanks for spicing it up a little. Ps good work on the blog in general I try to scope it out as much as I can! Keep up the great work.

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