listography love.

so, last year someone bought me lisa nola’s listography book.

by far one of, if not the coolest gift i have ever gotten. (one of, i said~ don’t anyone get upset).

it is so fun and coming from a list-maker like myself, really hilarious to think back on all of the things you did growing up and list them on their appropriate page header.

a lot of the book is also creating lists for your future, and what you hope and  dream to do as time passes.

i would have to say the real fun is the illustrations throughout the book, by nathaniel russell.

they are ah-mazh-ing. and the captions will make you pee your pants. seriously.

like these for example:


i have since bought gabe the love listography book and we fill it out together from time to time, updating new lists of things we both have to add as we spend more together. there is also future listography, friend listography, music listography and i’m sure more where that came from.

check out lisa nola‘s website, dedicated to her lists from food, to fish to pets to music.

i love this lady!!


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