holla at my sweedish boys.

just going to pimp out one of my fave bands, peter bjorn and john. they just dropped their new album, “gimme some” on march 29th.

disasterous jane rating: 9/10 big ones

i’ve literally just gave the album a run through once  from start to fin, and i must say i’m really feelin’ it.

with the exception of “(don’t let them) cool off”, i loved every track. ( i didn’t even hate that song, i just didn’t LOVE it).

i have tickets to see them for the second time here in toronto on may 6th at lee’s palace.

and i will tell you right now that i am ready.for.it.

please check them out, and if you already like them i can tell you that you will not be disappointed.

i know you remember this catchy beat from writer’s block (2006):

band love. song love. album love.

the last show in toronto was really awesome, they killed it with the sound and performance.

i can’t waaaaaaaait until may!


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