knitter’s delight

so, i found this ADORABLE yarn-inspired wedding photoshoot in my random clicking all over town…. the first thing i thought of is my dear friend lynn cullen, who owns Mary’s Yarns in unionville, ontario.

how creative is this? and i can say that, coming from someone who sees a lot of weddings!

here’s a peek of the  shoot in Denver, Colorado featured on  the Style Me Pretty. the whole thing, including sweets and decor is yarn and textile related, and the theme is carried out throughout the whole shoot. LE SIGH! so cute!!

Doily Love

yarn balls-of-fire!

and here is more to drool over:

yummy yarn pops!

the coziest cake ever!

delish bouquet

and, there you have it.  keri doolittle photography did an amazing job with the photos. to me they are usually the best part of viewing wedding, or any type of special event or even party~how the moments and detail s are captured for the rest of us to see. but, most of all it’s so refreshing to see new spins put into wedding ideas. it’s easy in this industry to see the same thing done a zillion times, and know that people could be more bold, or customize things with new twists on tradition.we get bored of all the “trends” and while they’re great at first, once everyone jumps on the bandwagon it loses its’ novelty. not in the case of this delightful example. this one is for the knitter’s out there. come to me when you want your wool and flower bouquet please!

hope you likes!
















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