creative people rule.

so, last night we had a few friends here for gabriel’s 30th birthday. it was really great to have people at our new place~ we wish we could’ve had everyone, but i know how those things are. gabriel is recovering nicely this afternoon from his rum + cokes, and it’s a beautiful day out there. life is good.
anywho, our amigo nadia joked with me earlier this week..”can i bring anything? what’s about we have a game of pin the beard on the brazilian?!!!”
me, ” HOLY MERCIFUL COW! that would be to DIE FOR!”
sure enough, the same woman who brought the Oscar-shaped chocolate cakes, and the NYE 2010 banner, and so many other genius creative pieces of wonder over the years i have known her – brings this glorious masterpiece to our place for gabe.
Nadz, you are truly the most hilarious person i know. no competition. (sorry to anyone of my friends who thought they were funnier,… nadia really is the #1 funniest.)
here are some highlights:

bearded canadians

La Pièce de résistance

brazilian 30somethings

thanks everyone for being awesome. and gabe, you still have 7 days left before “trinta” (thirty in portuguese). i love you!


5 responses

  1. Haha, I think we all make the ultimate comedic collective! We are all the salts and peppas, cinnamons and spices that make life so funny and nices!
    Glad I could help bring some fun. Those cream cheese icing cupcakes were TO CROAK FOR!
    Happy Birdday, Gabriel!

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