learning Portuguese=not easy

sooooo… i’ve decided that 2011 will force me into learning brazilian portuguese, so that if i ever go to brazil (sorry mom  and dad, its inevitable ) i will be able to at least say “hello” and “i’m great. how are you” to gabe’s friends and family that aren’t english speaking.

i’ve decided that it’s hard and i suck.

he helped me pick out a series of book lessons that go with mp3’s he put on my ipod that are supposed to be some of the best teaching tools out there, and i’ve still decided that i suck.

so far, all that has clicked is:

“vamos a sua casa” = let’s go to your house

“o vinho e bom”= the wine is good

so. that’s what i’mma workin with folks.

boa noite, senhors.


yeah, it's easy for her to say isn't it.

2 responses

  1. You’re gonna get it, I know it!

    “The wine is good”
    “Let’s go to your house”


    Those are the best things to know, from the 1st date to the 5,000th !!!!! Who wouldn’t love those first words?!

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