yes, we just saw a possum

ummmm, so yeah. i was just doing the dishes in our kitchen, talking on the phone to my mama, and don’t i look over and see a FRIGGING POSSUM ON OUR BACK STEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


gabe is reading me stats on how gross they are

oh my god.

i knew i loved this apartment way too much. it had a long tail like a RAT!  up until today i had this glamorous picture in my mind of how “cute” and adorable they probably were.

no eff-ing way they’re cute. SICK!

then i started screaming at gabe to “COME LOOK AT THE FRIGGING POSSUM ON OUR BACK STEPS” and when he came to see it it just slowly sauntered off into the darknes to creep out some other innocent bystanders.

i have seen a whole lot of crazy shit and animals in my day, being as gabe says “from the country”…..but never in hell did i expect to see a possum in toronto.


i have the heebie jeebies now.




2 responses

  1. holy moses. if it makes you feel any better… they are trapped in New Zealand because they have infested that poor country, and their fur is being used in… ready for it? YARN! the softed yarn on god’s green earth i tell you!

    my parents had one at their place recently also… weird.

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