just like new

i’ve had these random Ikea mirrors for years and have taken them from apartment to apartment….. and always thought they were a little bit boring.(i know i bought them partially because they were like 4.99 or something and i had never been to Ikea)

so anyways, i decided to style them up. here is them before the magic:

and here is what they could have been, all these years….

and yes, i even made the denim rosettes myself, because i clearly need a hobby.( well, i guess this would be it)

anyways, i still need to get gabe to hang them up above the mantle, so it will be all purdy. one step at a time.

he keeps calling me “by-an-ah” which is a city in brazil notorious for being tacky. i tell him he is lucky to live in such a thrifted and cute place with someone as cool as me and all my cool stuff.

Big upps to Charley Young for the 2 ADORABLE pieces of art she has made me  in this pic. one isof my old flower shop where we met in hali, and the beloved farm that we just lost in economy. love ya, c diggy.



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  1. Hi becky! It’s Sam, Kim’s daughter! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to you! We’ve been crazy busy moving countries and raising a new puppy!
    I love your site! And those ikea frames look amazing! I bought the same ones so long ago and tossed them thinking they were so boring and why the hell did I buy them! URGH! I should have kept them and copied your gorgeous DIY!
    How was Valentines Flower hell?

    • hey sam. hope all is well with the move… im so jelous youre in paris!!!! (again, right?)
      anywho, v day went well-ish….. after its over youre glad it is, as usual. youre used to the drill, whining,complaining, and wishing it was over, ha ha! im glad you got a chance to pop by the blog,… im looking for pointers in making it more polished, so if you have any feel free to let me know! your blog is truly great, i really love to read it :) hope france is,… well, i know it is what i think it is: AMAZING!!!! xo

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