pimping out peeps.

i guess in starting this blog i had no idea what it will be all about, what i will say, if people will read it, do i have an exciting enough life to be posting stuff that is the least bit entertaining?

all of these questions i am still yet to answer, but for now, since my life is in full valentine’s day florist mode,… it being my 11th Valentine’s Day to date (how the hell have i been doing this that long?) my life is pretty dull.

SO, … that being said i will write about other cool and inspiring people that i land upon through other inspiring peoples’ blogs.

this one is adorable.

it seems relatively new, but the most delightful ideas.

the more i see great things like this the more i want to plan a wedding. i guess i’m in a good industry to have this happen, no?

i love when people bring really amazing ideas like this, and put a fresh new spin on things. it makes my career worth it.

anywho, feel free to check this one out. i’m hoping with persuasion i can coax gabe into someday wearing suspenders or a fedora.

in the meantime, check out rustic bride’s blog:


P.s jenalee, i hope you like this one!!!!!! xo


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