this website is one of the most amazing, if not THE most amazing and inspiring one i have ever.seen.ever.

and i’m a florist and have seen all sorts of amazing stuff over the years.

every single wedding showcased on this website makes me tear up a bit wishing it was mine, or i was at least a guest at it!

they are all so amzingly planned, and vintage and real and perfect and i love them.

i have been reading and looking at this website for weeks after seeing it mentioned on another blog that i check.

my heart beats like this: THUMPTHUMPTHUMPTHUMP when i read it and see the amazing ideas.

hope you like it as much, just don’t have a heart attack.



2 responses

  1. holy moses. i just wasted some precious time cruising this site.

    i want to throw a wedding-themed-party now. (it’s not time for an actual wedding yet)

    now- back to work.

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