our love nest.

so, we are all moved in to our new apartment in Roncesvalles. After much stress, banter and injury that is.

i think we find it hard to sleep the last 2 nights because it is dramatically less noisy and has a fraction of the crackheads we are used to encountering. (knock. on. wood.)

anywho, after several trips to Walmart, Ikea, Home Depot and i`m sure a few others i think we may have got it mostly covered.

it`s weird how you get the idea to move, and then want it so bad (…. wait, did i????) and then, when it comes to the act of moving, especially in winter, … you begin to wonder,” did i really want to move?”

the answer for me is “HELLS TO THE YES”…..but, it took a lot to prove it, the last few weeks. so, i have attached a few glossy shots of our new cubbie for you to peek at, and partially because i know my mom reads my blog every day. hope you feel better about me living in this place than the last one mom! xo


our 1st houseguest nadz!

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