moving day: t – 15 days.


gabe and i are moving. and i am thoroughly excited.


i can’t wait to be in our new diggs all cozy and lovely. i love our new space. it’s in cute little  roncesvalles ~ i always wanted to live in this area since i came to toronto, but never did.  i think it’s going to be perfect for us until we decide on any further stuff to come. renting isn’t ideal for much longer, so i think this will suffice for us for now. i have never really felt “at home” here as far as apartments go,…. i think it is because i don’t have a lot of my personal touches around me to make the space mine.

also, i haven’t had a crafting/sewing/workspace where i can do all of my things and PAINT AND MAKE SOME ART!!!!! so, i am very excited for those things to come. why don’t ya’ll come visit?!!!!

p.s i am saying a prayer every night that the couch tanya has gifted us will fit in our new place so i don’t have to move the ugly leather green couch and 2 equally ugly matching oversized chairs with me……  ******fingers crossed*******

i will take pics as soon as i get the sweet sweet keys!!!!!!



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