witch lady

i would just like to say that there is a strange weird lady (you know who you are) who comes into the store every now and then, and she just so happened to grace me with her presence this evening while i was having a wedding appointment.
i would also like to call her out on her whacko freakazoid behaviour and major obsession with tanya, who she asks me about every time she comes in.
am i going to turn into a nutjob crazy witch lady who has crazy get-ups and makeup that looks like a 9 year old put it on when i get old? it’s like she has no recollection of ever coming in the store and asking the same things 5 or more times before………. i guess she is nice enough, at least she didn’t cast a spell on me and stalk me like the weird homeless witch from halifax.
so, i guess i should be thankful for my specials from toronto.
(i hope she doesn’t read this)


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