nova scotia, the sea bound coast

we are probably drunk in this one....

well, tomorrow night gabe and i are off to the maritimes for christmas, arriving on my mama’s birthday!
i haven’t been home since last year at this time, and this time they will be meeting my other half, so we are all pretty anxious and excited.
for any maritimers reading this, you will note that i know it will be an absolute shitshow of all kinds, and i am thoroughly prepared and ready.
loving your current city doesn’t mean we all don’t get homesick from places that we once loathed, right?
i am just so excited to see my family and girlfriends that i have been missing lately and also my pseudo nephew, Mateo. I last saw him a mere few weeks after he was born, and now he is a spry 1 year old and walking! sigh…..i am tearing up with the thought. christmastime at home, seeing all the random people from your past is always fun, sometimes weird as hell,…. but fun. yee haw! gabe says we are headed to the country…. i said, “i’ll let you decide that when you get there”.
so, off we go. i will try and keep some awesome random shit posted from the “hub of nova scotia”~ truro, for you all to feast upon whilst i am away.and upon our return? a guest from calgary, my gurl charley louise. yay holidays!


HOLLAH! here we coooooome!!!!!


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