weird photoshoot…..

so yesterday, tanya and i went to a giant mansion in the middle of Kingcity/Maple (???) Ontario for a photoshoot (one that we aren’t entirely sure where it will be appearing…..)
anywho, we end up being early, so we take our time driving through the giant houses in the subdivision imagining our lives if we actually lived there.We pull up to a gated property with an intercom to enter. people from nova scotia don’t have intercoms to enter their property, so needless to say i was a bit speechless.
the home itself was crazy giant, and heavily decorated for the Christmas season,…. our heads were spinning for 6 whole hours while we were there, taking in all of the random collectables and art.
the flowers for the shoot, made by miss list ~ looked hot, so i’m sure the pics will end up great. I’ll keep you posted as to where to see them when we get word of it. Pink Twig is taking over the world! In conclusion:

thought of the day yesterday:
how does one accumulate this kind of cash money, and why don’t we all have giant mansions to host our thousands of dollars worth of stuff?
answer: no idea. but, if you find out feel free to let me know. (tanya and i were clueless as to the answer.)


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